Sales executive, sales rep, BDM, whatever you’re called, you’re the sales professional, and the buck stops with you.

You have targets to hit. In many companies, you’re only as good as your last results.

I’ve spent 30 years in sales, and I know how tough it feels when you don’t hit target. It knocks your confidence. If you don’t get any support or help, it can turn into a downward spiral.

Even when you do hit target, you might be missing out on some deals which could boost your numbers. I didn’t know everything when I started. I learned over time. Sometimes I forgot over time too. And when I look back, I could kick myself for some of the opportunities I didn’t convert when I could have.

That’s why I developed my sales course: B2B Selling Made Simple. It’s to help you and sales people like you learn the easy way – from my mistakes, not yours.

Your future success is in your hands. Take the initiative, book now and take your performance to the next level.

The course covers all the fundamental skills you need to go from a sales strategy to winning deals and keeping customers. I’m also a great believer in mindset and developing people, so that’s included. And I’ll show you how to develop your brand online as well, so you open yourself up to more new business opportunities.

All this comes in five short, value-packed sessions, delivered online so they don’t cut into your time too much. The sales course runs once a month and is limited to just 8 spots, to make sure you get the personal attention and support you deserve.

The sales course is an ideal way to start working with me. It’s fantastic for new sales people. Even if you have years of experience or you’re running a team, you’ll get a valuable refresher and probably learn something new. There are plenty of practical tips, but I focus on relationship selling and the big picture.

You may want to continue working with me after you’ve completed the course. I believe in relationships and I’d love to continue supporting you. I offer custom programs for businesses, or you might consider a Sales Mastermind Group.

These groups (limited numbers again) meet monthly for ongoing coaching and mentoring. You’ll be in a group with no competitors, so you can share challenges and issues openly. You’ll enjoy the insights and advice from the rest of the group as well as from me.