The Wondering Minstrel with Julian Doyle | Season 2 Episode 04

This one is a little different but provides insights into the machinations of the construction industry from someone who has seen it all.
Julian Doyle was one of the founding directors of Icon Construction. In this episode he shares his journey from being on the tools in Martin Place to the Towers of Dubai and everything in between.

Julian’s skills as a builder enabled him to deliver projects across three continents but his ability as a leader ensured the development of his team and some rock-solid relationships that he came to rely on as he navigated his company through the Opal Tower challenges of 2018.

Julian is extremely humble and frank about the dichotomy of the industry:
  • Adversarial but collegiate.
  • Transactional but built on relationships.
  • Safety conscious but time is money and margins are tight.

There are many learnings for all trying to understand how the industry might (or might not) work…

Listen out for the quote by Renzo Piano, if you have spent any time in the building game I am sure it will resound with you.

Charlie Pidcock