The War for Talent

Getting the right people in the right jobs is a lot more important than strategy
Jack Welch

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, look out your window – people aren’t lining up to work for you; in fact, it is probably the other way around with a recent Gallup poll finding in excess of 75% employees not engaged at work.


The war for talent has been going on for at 15 – 20 years, maybe longer, and with replacement costs of between 50% – 150% of base salary costs, it bewilders me that managers and leaders aren’t more strategic and deliberate when it comes to finding and keeping staff. The downside is accepted as the status quo, the upside is misunderstood and treated like nirvana, at least by those not willing to put in the effort and play a bigger game.


With so much information out there we all must “sell” our organisations to potential employees before we even know they are looking at us; then when we get them on board we need to ensure we lead them well or they will head off in search of something better, period. How else can we grow if all we do is a provide a turnstile where IP, experience and energy head back out the door or across the road to a competitor. As Sir Richard Branson says “Train your people so they can leave, lead them so they don’t want to”.


A good friend of mine John Clare says “I am always recruiting but only sometimes hiring” – Boom. Life changes, people change, priorities change & the art of good management is to anticipate it – having a couple of go to people who you have been talking for a while can help you avoid gaping holes in your sales team that your competitors will love walking through.

Many people say they don’t have time to look for good staff, part of the reason is that they are always managing (poorly) bad ones or not developing the good ones …. Please!

A coffee a month with someone from your industry will assist to build good foundations for a relationship that will benefit both of you, perhaps not today, maybe not tomorrow but with time and effort good relationships are always worthwhile.

Over to you.

Charlie Pidcock