The REAL Secret to Success

Creating and developing your own businesses has it challenges and it’s certainly not for everybody.

For me it was never a burning desire, but I always knew that one day I’d do it.  It took me a while to find my path however clarity has sustained me through the difficult days.  I’ve shared some of the story here.

One of the main challenges for business owners is in developing an operating rhythm that ensures personal productivity.

I use 8 Before 8 – its part of the way that I set myself up for daily success.

Last week after a few days off the grid at my happy place I followed this routine but really slogged my way through Monday to Wednesday: long to do lists, a full schedule, many pages of notes etc… but it was all a grind. Missed calls, lost battles (albeit minor), opportunities I hoped to close and didn’t, it was a REAL grind.

I began to wonder is it all worth it but my clarity kept me on track.

Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul said “99% is hard, 100% is easy”.

Persevering with my 8 before 8 routine, Thursday and Friday were both blurs with back to back meetings and calls.  However, despite the fact both days were incredibly busy and I didn’t work off of my to do list, what I actually achieved was incredible.  It goes to show that even though the first half of the week was a struggle, by sticking with it, it set me up to be in flow for the second half of the week allowing me to achieve more than I thought possible. #winning.

My friends and mentors from Thought Leaders, Matt Church and Peter Cook talk about being on the wrong side of a whole lot of hard work; I think the ‘grind’ is part of the hard work, the keeping on – keeping on is about the routines, lining up the ducks and nailing it when opportunities present themselves.

Golfing great Greg Norman used to say that anyone can win a major tournament, the key is to put yourself there through all the practice – physical and mental – then hopefully your putts will drop.

I like to think that Monday – Wednesday was me getting ready and my Thursday / Friday was the tournament – this week I must ensure the putts drop by following up on all the opportunities I created.

You can’t have one without the other, persistence and patience ultimately lead to success when clarity is on your side.

Charlie Pidcock