The Future – Who is looking after us?

Millennials are managing corporations, starting their own businesses and leading communities; they are playing a critical role in society ensuring the world remains responsible, productive and (hopefully) peaceful well into the future.

It was in 400 BC Socrates said:

Our youth love luxury. They have bad manners and despise authority.

They show disrespect for their elders and love to chatter in place of exercise.

Young people are now tyrants…. contradict their parents…..gobble up food and terrorise their teachers“

Like Socrates, many of us get caught up in our “good ol’ days” which is unfair on those that are living theirs now.

Simon Sinek talks about 4 dimensions contributing to the challenges faced by this current generation in his YouTube video:

  1. Parenting – helicopter parenting, challenging teachers on school reports, trophies for participation, a rampantly litigious society and soft play are all hangovers from failed strategies have left the next generation unprepared for the real world and caused lower self esteem.
  2. Technology – Face Book and Instagram have enabled everyone to put filters on their lives in addition to addicting them to, the same chemical created when we drink alcohol, smoke and gamble i.e. Dopamine – Hello?
  3. Impatience – 24 hrs (or less) delivery for everything from furniture to meals, online degrees, swiping left or right have created a culture of instant gratification. You can get almost anything without leaving your couch except the very best things in life which all take time like job fulfilment, self-confidence, love and skills.
  4. Environment – a lack of good leadership is everywhere depending on where you want to look – the GFC, Royal Commissions into Banking /Aged Care, management of the world’s resources, seven prime ministers in 8 years (in Australia). Most of us respond to our environment in some way shape or form, seriously, what are they supposed to think.

Last week I heard that for the first time in history there are five generations working together and I can’t see this changing so we all have a vested interest in making it work.

Sometimes I think like Socrates; other times I look at my teenage children and their friends and think – Wow, they have so much knowledge and desire to make a positive difference to the world. The other skills they will need in life will come later, just like it did for all previous generations but overall, I am confident that the world is in good hands.

Charlie Pidcock