“The Big Issue – A Good Night’s Sleep”

​Last week I posted a video called 8B48 that summarised 8 different things one can do before 8am to help set operating rhythm for the day ahead, sleep was at the top of the list.

I walked up the street this morning and saw someone selling “The Big Issue” outside our local supermarket. This week on the cover was “Counting Sleep” and, with 30% of us suffering from insomnia at some level, I thought it was worthwhile to share some of the key things that you can do to improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep.

With screens, alcohol, caffeine and the stresses of life in the 21st century, etc. all working against us, the following six tips will ensure you get a good night’s sleep:

  1. Exercise (preferably not too close to bedtime) as it helps boost natural sleep hormones such as melatonin
  2. Stay away from caffeine, alcohol or excess sugar (eg chocolate)
  3. Make sure your bed & bedroom are quiet and comfortable
  4. Develop rituals such as writing up tomorrow’s “to do list”,  a cup of chamomile tea and/or meditation exercises to let the stresses of the day go
  5. Only use your bed for sleeping or sex, no screens or work
  6. If you can’t fall asleep in 20mins, get up and do something boring, that shouldn’t be too hard for most of us.

A good night’s sleep is like a holiday – paramount for one’s physical and mental health – as well as helping find and keep operating rhythm more easily. Almost every single day I ask my children if they have a good night’s sleep, it really is THAT important, good luck.

 The Importance of Sleep

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Charlie Pidcock