The Art of Managing Sales People – What to Measure?

I wrote a few months ago about the concept of leading and lagging indicators when measuring sales performance which you can reread by clicking here.

More recently I read “Cracking the Sales Management Code” by Jason Jordan & Michelle Vazzana called which I highly recommend if you have the time.

The concept is fairly simple but as outlined in the book and based on the challenges faced by most businesses these days is by no means easy. The premise is based on AOR which stands for Activities, Objectives and Results, like I said, sounds easy right?

Their analysis of over 300 companies found that only 17% of metrics are highly manageable in terms of their activities and 24% deal with business results – it really makes you wonder what we are doing to ourselves.

Good companies, who are clear about their Objectives only measure Activities that ensure these goals are met. Nothing. Else. Matters.

It is critical for organisations to be clear in their objectives or they risk running around in circles in measuring themselves to a standstill, it’s like swimming against a strong current.

As John E Jones said:

What gets measured gets done, what gets measure and fed back gets done well, what gets rewarded gets repeated.

When your team are clear about what to measure in terms of their activities, made accountable and then managed well it they will surely achieve the results or something else is wrong….

If you would like a summary of the book please click here.

Charlie Pidcock