The 5 best ways to increase your Conversion Rates.

In companies who use solution selling and relationships to differentiate, use these 5 strategies to maximise your conversion rates.

1. Know your numbers – “what gets measured gets done”. It’s crucial that you are using good information, the old saying “sh*t in sh*t out” is never more true when submitting data about quotes and proposals.

2. Know your Ideal Customer – Research by Professor Frank Alpert suggests “The biggest driver of change in purchase intentions was feeling targeted”.

Your customer’s needs, challenges and values will be uncovered by a comprehensive and professional approach, before, during and after a sales call, at the very least this involves tuning into solving “their” problems rather than “your” solutions.

This will build credibility and trust with your potential client ensuring some emotional connection – it is our job as sales people to make this happen. Whilst you (and your company) have needs they will be best achieved by those (customers) that really value it, I love what Mahatma Gandhi says “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

3. “The fortune is in the follow up”, a great quote by Rachel Bourke. Too many sales people do a whole lot of hard work in prospecting, qualifying, developing a solution and then submit a quote and then wait, or send an email to follow up. The pace of business crowds days into weeks and months; we then “think” (or NOT) that this is enough – WRONG.

To stand out we need to do what others aren’t – this means using any and all means of communication and it doesn’t mean just so you can “close”, it most definitely should be to stay in touch or find out if there is anything else you can help with; stay in their world but not in their face. Being professional and persistent will win over being irritating and desperate.

4. The statistics are that you can double your conversion rate by asking for the order. Again, this most definitely doesn’t have to be slimy – stand in your power, know that you have done the hard work and ask “what do we have to do to ensure we get your business?”.

5. Make it easy for people to deal with you with respect to contact details, processing accounts and orders – humans are habitual and if you are trying to oust an incumbent you will need to be gentle and respectful about how you handle this.

I hope this helps and would love your feedback.

Charlie Pidcock