My passion is helping people become their best and love what they do – especially in sales.

When presenting at a conference or facilitating a workshop, I love showing people that sales is a not a dirty word, or something to shy away from.

Quite the opposite. As Henry Ford said, ‘Nothing happens until someone sells something.’ 

We all need to sell sometimes. Whether you’re a sales person selling products and services, a job applicant selling yourself, or a CEO selling your vision, you need the ability and the confidence to sell.

The good news is, sales isn’t difficult. With the right mindset and a little practice, anyone can acquire the simple skills you need to sell. 

Once you master those basics, you realise sales isn’t dirty. Nor is it scary, high-pressure or intimidating. Instead, sales can be interesting, enjoyable, and above all meaningful.

Just like sales, conferences should be interesting, enjoyable and meaningful. Whenever I present, I start from the needs and desires of your business and your attendees. I craft a presentation full of practical tips, engaging stories and actionable insights.

Speaking topics

I speak on topics including:

  • Self mastery
  • Sales mastery
  • Business development
  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Motivation
  • Influence
  • Interpersonal skills

Lets Connect!

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