Self Discovery – Life’s Tricky Journey

Some time ago I wrote about the keys to successful networking which I have spoken to a few times over the last couple of months.  It is a topic that is dear to my heart – I am hard wired to connect and help people wherever and whenever I can. I am quite sure some of this is nature (paternal & maternal grandfathers), and some of it is nurture having both parents in the health profession.

Fast forward to last week where I heard Narelle Gillies present a wonderful session on ‘Awareness’.  Her session was all about working to your strengths rather than worry about trying to fix your, or others,  weaknesses and was backed heavily by more contemporary research than past and current practice. This shift in mindset is helped by looking at the language we use on ourselves –  what others have said about us; we are not good at or will never accomplish; and have hung onto over many years.

I reframed  my self-talk:

  • Disorganised = Creative
  • Stubborn = Dedicated
  • Not a team player = Independent

This made me reflect a little more about my own strengths, weaknesses and most importantly my internal dialogue. Self-discovery is most certainly not an easy journey.

Socrates said many years ago: know thyself.

When you work out your super power, whatever it is, practice and use it daily in pursuit of your purpose, you will become unstoppable and even more importantly – content.

Charlie Pidcock