As a Sales Manager, you’re under pressure to deliver, and to ensure every member of your team delivers too. You need to be confident in their skills, their commitment and their mindset. Your task is to help them grow.

If you’ve stepped up from sales, managing a team adds a whole new set of challenges. How do you train, mentor and grow your team? What systems and processes will help them perform better? And what if you’ve got sales people who aren’t performing, or if you need to hire and train new ones?

A culture of confidence and trust is one of the best ways to lift your entire team. With cooperation and mutual respect, you work together to identify opportunities, close new business and grow existing relationships. It all adds to the top line, and to the bottom line, as well as your personal profile.

The challenge is how to achieve those goals. 

I work with Sales Managers in several ways to support successful sales.

B2B Selling Made Simple 

This course runs once a month, with five hour-long sessions conducted live online. 

It covers all the fundamentals of sales from a relationship selling perspective. Numbers are strictly limited to ensure personalised sales coaching opportunities. We also look at mindset and personal brand-building online, both critical factors in expanding your market and accessing new business opportunities.

Small numbers mean I can customise material and delivery based on what the attendees need. This makes the course ideal for both new trainees, more experienced sales people and even team leaders.

If you have several team members who require sales coaching or training, I can run a course in-house for your organisation.

Sales Leader Mastermind Groups

Sales coaching and support specifically for Sales Managers. I facilitate a monthly live session with a small group of Sales Managers, all from non-competitive organisations. It’s a high-trust environment where you can discuss and get guidance on topics such as:

  • Sales planning and execution
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Effective training and mentoring
  • Performance management
  • Setting ideal customer criteria
  • Self-awareness and self-development

Custom Sales Transformation Projects

Does your entire sales department need transformation?

Or do you have challenges in a specific area? Recruitment and training. Finding new customers and prospects. Growing accounts. Maintaining morale. Working together as a team rather than against each other?

In many cases, culture, mindset and frameworks need to change.

I’ve implemented improvements in organisations big and small, public and private, established and newly founded. I can apply my experience to support and advise you in transforming your team so it achieves revenue, profit and results.

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