Recruiting the Right People

I have recruited many employees over the years and have made most of the mistakes you possibly can.

I’ve learned a great deal and still find it most rewarding –  particularly when you get it right.

My view is that society improves when employment is strong, and humans are better people when they love what they do.

With 49% of new hires failing within the first 12 months and 89% due to cultural reasons, the costs are huge so there’s money to be saved (and made) by improving our recruiting process and practices.  Is this the same in your organisation?

Late last year I posted this video on why there is a shortage of good Sales People in Australia which one of my contacts shared with his network.

As it’s such an important and often overlooked topic, within days he had organised a room of small business owners in Newcastle last week running a workshop on Recruitment:

  • Why is it SO important?
  • Why is it SO difficult?
  • What to look for?
  • Where are they?
  • How to do it?

We all have pressures with respect to resources and time – near full employment, low interest rates, low inflation and productivity challenges all indicate the opportunity to increase capacity when you nail capability.

The number one question I get asked is if I know any good salespeople.

As Henry Ford says:

Nothing happens if no one sells anything.

The fact that I get asked so frequently suggests that “A” grade salespeople never struggle to find a gig and that businesses have worked out that they more than pay for themselves – so hold on to them tightly.

It’s worth spending the time and effort to get the right team in place and nailing your recruitment process.  Your business longevity will sing and your bank manager will be dancing.

The workshop received amazing feedback – let me know if you’d like me to share some of the tips.

Charlie Pidcock