“Nothing happens if no one sells anything.”

Senior Management and Business Owners

Develop your sales team so they become your strongest asset

Sales has a multiplier effect across every organisation.

Realising your team’s potential takes not only takes commitment but finding the right support structures and guidance.

When engaged by your business, I become a genuine partner in your success. Whether it be through coaching your sales team, mentoring your Sales Managers, helping you recruit the right people—my support produces transformational change for your business.

As a partner to many businesses, both large and small, I have a proven track record in:


Creating and sustaining a culture within the team that results in measurable gains to both top and bottom lines


Implementing new sales & marketing strategies that win you more market share


Developing and motivating staff to increase profit

After engaging me as your partner, you will find that you are no longer asking yourself, where is my team, and what are they doing? With everyone ‘on the same page’, positivity permeates throughout your business, your customers are better served, and you gain more peace of mind.

Developing your sales force into your strongest asset:

My B2B Selling Series is a unique online course that demystifies the sales process. Enrolling your sales force will give you more:


Certainty about what your team is doing—and how they are doing it


Confidence in your team’s ability to sell on value, not price


The tools to help your team to understand the effect of discounting on profit


The key drivers that ensure your teams sales results make you proud

Mentoring for your Sales and Business Development Managers

To get the best out of your sales force, your Sales Managers and other Senior Managers need to be at the top of them their game.

Working to identify their knowledge and skills gaps, my mentoring helps them become more effective leaders paying dividends on their results and your bottom line.

Helping you to recruit the right staff

One of the single most important decisions in any business is appointing the right staff.

Get this right and your new people will have a multiplier effect on your business growth.

Get it wrong and your business can go backwards—burning cash, morale, and market share.

I have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes to advise on their recruitment processes, participate in selection panels, and to help appoint the perfect candidate for their organisation.

“Train people so they can leave, lead them so they don’t want to.” Richard Branson

My programs are all based on best practices that I have tried, tested and perfected during my 30-odd years in B2B sales and business management. I have distilled down the most important, practical lessons and behaviours into my programs – insights and actions that have an immediate impact on your sales and revenue capabilities.

Charlie Pidcock