Networking – Practical example, tangible outcome

I have written before about the Keys to Successful Networking and Engagement.

Last week I was invited to a gathering of industry players (8 people) for a dinner to celebrate 2019, it wasn’t a formal event by any means, but a particularly good opportunity to meet potential customers in an intimate setting.

I took a seat next to a person I had met many years ago; unbeknownst to me he had recently been made redundant after 25 years and was feeling it. I have been there, done that and carried the load of anxiety that goes with it so was able to empathise with him very quickly. We discussed the broader challenges of the organisation he’d been with and how the recent acquisition was being handled be the new owners and his previous work colleagues – all (sadly) straight out of the book.

The restaurant was a loud one so I didn’t have much of a conversation with the others present choosing to stay very much in the one I was in for two reasons – he needed the chat, I am sure I could help in some way in the future, both of us were completely engaged in our conversation for almost the whole time.

The next day I was talking to another client who described the exact skill set/experience in the person from the previous night had and they are currently discussing terms to see how they may be able to help each other – BOOM

It doesn’t always work out like that but my 3x Rules of Networking – be Present, Quality over Quantity & have a mindset of service have served lead me to some wonderful, engaging conversations and very useful connections sometimes for me, often times for others.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
Mahatma Gandhi

Charlie Pidcock