This course will teach you how to help your people be the best they can possibly be

This course is for…

  • Leaders responsible for salespeople (e.g. sales managers, general managers)
  • New & experienced sales leaders

By the end of this high-value course, you will understand how to:

  • Be a good leader
  • Delegate effectively
  • Motivate your team
  • Improve your team’s performance
  • Measure your team’s performance

What my clients say…

“The simplicity, the stories and the sayings were brilliant, thank you.”
– Madi M

“I really enjoyed the diversity and the variety within the group. That made for a lot of depth and interest across different types of people and different types of businesses.”
– Mick P

“The capacity to feel the other person and to be cognizant of them, and that “…people won’t remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel”, really resonated for me.”
– Debbie E

Course Format…

Online – Live (not pre-recorded)

5 x 90-minute sessions

Conducted over two months

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