This course will help you understand sales on a whole new level.

This course is for…

  • All salespeople, whatever their level and experience
  • Anyone who wants to accelerate their professional development

By the end of this high-value course, you will know:

  • Basic financial concepts
  • The difference between leading and lagging indicators
  • How to use metrics to measure your performance
  • How your daily activities generate your annual results
  • Why discounting can be a dangerous practice

What my clients say…

“What we covered helped reset my mindset, we do lots of it subconsciously and the review helped deepen my knowledge. We were lucky to have a great group and you facilitated it so well creating a fun environment and a place where we felt safe to learn, thank you.”
– Hilton H

“I enjoyed being in an intimate group that was live, the engagement was amazing. Embedding some of the ideas immediately helps with real time learning. So it’s not, oh I now need to go away and do it. I’ve already started doing some of what you are teaching and integrating them into my day.”
– Mardi M

Course Format…

Online – Live (not pre-recorded)

5 x 90-minute sessions

Conducted over two months

Aug 06