Kent Powell – Changing Your Industry: Beyond the Invoice | Season 1 Episode 03

The timelines to industry leadership – What role has Culture played in your journey?

Listening to yourself & your intuition NOT your competitors

The problems with cash flow – what you can’t do without it v what you can do with it.

Making your own luck, Good & Bad – Challenge creates Opportunity.

Exponential Growth – Looking for the opportunities between what your customers don’t know & your suppliers can fix themselves…

Organisation Life Cycle – the limitation of Sales Budgets & the importance of Structure

What do you enjoy about sales:

  • Customer Relationships / Teams / Problem solving / Failure
  • What advice would you give to the next generation of salespeople in your industry – what does sacrifice look like for you?
  • Focus on what is important – Optimising technology to leverage old school behaviours
  • What makes a good sales person – Key attributes to look for when recruiting

Charlie Pidcock