Developing Sales Mastery ©

Humans are better people when they love what they do.
Charlie Pidcock

At the Sydney Build Conference in March this year I launched my program “Sales Mastery – ©” for individuals, teams and companies and have unpacked this model that sits behind it over the last couple of months in a series articles which you can read again here:

  i.  Awareness

  • Of yourself, your team and the company you work for

 ​ii.  Mindset

  • Plenty of resilience, an appreciation of empathy and the ability to motivate oneself and others to take action

iii.  Potential

  • Keeping one’s eye on the prize; having a determined yet healthy respect for how long things take; the ability to listen, learn and not being afraid to test new ways of doing things

 iv.  Skills

  • Too many to cover them all here but curiosity, communication and time management are just but a few

  v.  Knowledge

  • Within the company and the opportunities / challenges that the market provide

 vi.  Direction

  • Reasonable, realistic and robust plans for people and the greater organisation

My Sales Mastery Program © is a culmination of my experience, passion and sense of responsibility to right these wrongs and to show sales people a pathway to a personally fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

Reality Check

Henry Ford famously said “Nothing happens if no one sells anything”; the highest paid people in the world are sales people and something like 60% of CEOs come from a sales background – something is going on here and it is about time we did something about it.
Additionally, more than half of the roles advertised on job sites are “sales” jobs and another recent survey showed that less than 40% of businesses thought that universities were preparing students well for the workforce, hello…… someone should really tell them…..

Profit is not a dirty word nor should it be – it feeds, houses and educates all of us. Businesses that consistently fill their sales pipeline and who ensure the alignment of production (lead times), constant cash flow and focussed teams can achieve super profits – it is like nirvana.

Education getting in the way of Learning

My son is in his last year of secondary school and we have spent a great deal of time looking at his options – there are literally hundreds of courses one can study at university, private colleges and TAFE but not one in sales which I find extraordinary given the above and the following quote from the Carnegie Institute “….85% of your financial success comes from your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead, shockingly only 15% is due to your technical knowledge”.

Many, many people have told me over the years how sales should have its own qualification but it is SO much more complex than that and most definitely something you are not going to “get” in 3 years from a series of outdated, overpriced text books nor subjects taught by lecturers with very little (if any) real world experience.

If at first you don’t succeed…

Mahatma Gandhi said “Knowledge gained from experience is far more worthwhile than any gained from a book”, to develop and learn sales people have to fail, a lot, good ones do anyway because they treat these as learnings. Sales Mastery is a life time journey and requires sustained effort, focus and development (personal / professional).

The charm and challenge of being a human being is that we are all blessed with strengths and weaknesses – the beauty of my Sales Mastery © is that companies can decide what to focus on depending on their individual or team development areas.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to learn a little more about how Sales Mastery © might work for you and your team.

Charlie Pidcock