Developing Sales Mastery © – “Everything starts with Awareness”

There are many aspects to Sales Mastery ©; in the next few weeks I plan to unpack a model that I developed to help Managers & Sales people understand each & every one of them and what they should do to develop themselves across these 6 key areas.

The journey to Sales Mastery © is not linear – for most people in the top of their field in sales, growth comes in many different forms – choices, chances, learning from books and experiences and especially good mentoring all contribute.

I like to start with Awareness and have kept coming back to it right throughout my career and break it down in to three separate forms – Self, Team & Company.

Self Awareness

Warren Bennis offers the biggest insight into Self Awareness and maintains that in order to influence others we must first know ourselves.

“They know who they are, they are good diagnosticians, their egos don’t get in the way of learning at a new organisation”.

Team Awareness

Awareness of your immediate team/department is also critical, what does the team stand for? what do we tolerate? how do we roll? Who helps and who hinders? All these impact the behaviours and trust of those within the team and in turn the quality of relationships of those in it.

Company Awarenes

Finally, sales people who operate in Mastery have good awareness of their company. The strengths, weaknesses, values, culture – they have worked it out and use it to their advantage when competing in the market place – these people navigate through the silos, the politics and bureaucracies to get stuff done for their customers.

Repa Patel offered a few tools to assist in building self awareness which you can read more about here, in summary she offers the following:

  • Mindfulness Meditation and regular Yoga practice
  • Structured time in your schedule to reflect & learn from the past, plan for the future & live in the present, I love how she says this, beautiful
  • Seek & receive feedback from trusted others

The importance of Self Awareness in all of its forms is probably best summarised by HBR here.

Research suggests when we see ourselves more clearly……we are better workers who get more promotions and we’re more effective leaders with more satisfied employees and more profitable companies.

Charlie Pidcock