Developing Sales Mastery © – Direction

Sales Mastery is a journey for all organisations and individuals; as sad as it is, it is most unlikely and unusual that people will stay at the same place of employment for 5, much less 30 years into the future like @Jack King (which is a wonderful story).

The pace of business these days means mergers / acquisitions, downsizing, rightsizing, buys outs, sell outs, foreclosures, the rise of the independent contractor all contribute to average employee turnover of 2 – 3 years with individuals seeking more meaning – this is direction.


Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.
Winston Churchill

All good companies should have a business plan, great ones build the plans with their teams & get buy in from the get go. At a basic level and as you may be aware, I talk about all organisations as selling ones:

  • Weekly Plans                       Calendar / Diary Management
  • Monthly Plans                     Account Plans
  • Quarterly Plans                   Sales Plans
  • Annual Plans                       Strategic Plans

Plans shouldn’t be measured in inches or the number of pretty graphs, the most successful organisations I have worked with over the years had a culture of ‘one page plans’ at all levels.


When leaders are able to align their staff with the companies sense of direction and purpose, results can be phenomenal.

A recent survey by Gallup indicated that up to 75% of people are not engaged at work which can have a significant and detrimental effect on profitability, workplace safety and morale, you can read more about this here: “Know your Thing”Developing plans from the ground up ensures buy in early and helps align individuals with a sense of purpose around what they are doing and “Why”. The author Simon Sinek does a great TED talk which is definitely worth watching.

No one person should be bigger than the brand or company, not the founding Managing Director of a private company nor the global CEO.

The synergies that an organisation experiences when an alignment of an employees (individual) life goals alongside that of the employers (company) is like being in flow.

Charlie Pidcock