“People buy off people they like, know and trust.”

Conference Speaking

My passion is helping people thrive through the medium of sales.

As an experienced conference presenter, I love the opportunity to reach more people and to demonstrate that sales isn’t a dirty word nor something to be shied away from.

As Henry Ford put it, ‘Nothing happens if no one sells anything.’ No matter your audience we are all in the business of sales.

Nowadays, the ability to confidently sell is a fundamental skill whether you are a job applicant selling yourself. a salesperson selling products or services or a CEO selling a vision.

The good news is that anyone can be good at sales. It is like any skillthere is no special ‘type’ that makes a great salesperson, only simple skills that anyone can develop along with the right mindset.

When you learn the basics, sales doesn’t have to be scary, high-pressure or intimidating, it can and should be interesting, enjoyable and most importantly, meaningful.

For your next conference, I offer your attendees my same personal philosophy and ability to simplify the sales process. By focusing on practical tips and rich, actionable insights your attendees will be assured of a session not to miss.

Feel free to call and I’ll help tailor an impactful and entertaining presentation for all your attendees.

It was really good in that every day something resonates from the course and I feel am thinking of better ways to approach new and existing clients.

—  Neil D, Director

Charlie has a practical, no-nonsense approach, is good fun and focussed on achieving the best result.

—  Rod S, Head of Sales & Marketing

Charlie is the consummate developer of sales people. He will help turn a struggling sales person around and get more out of your performers.

—  Paul A, CEO

Charlie Pidcock