Case Study: Thermal Panel Solutions
Greg Harkin, General Manager

Your main reason to recommend Charlie Pidcock?

His passion for what he does.

Our business challenges

After growing the business significantly, I had recently let our experienced Sales Manager go and the challenge was either to reemploy an experienced salesperson or to try to bring in some young people with no sales experience or training.

However, one of the things that we, as managers, often experience is the fear of taking a chance. So, at that stage I was anxious whether I was making the right decision.

Charlie was very good supporting me through that journey. He gave me the encouragement to take the chance and do something different.

I also knew that I needed someone to help me install a structured system with a level of accountability for my salespeople and support staff along with ensuring that our new hires worked well as a team with our existing people.

Why did you choose Charlie Pidcock?

He’s very experienced. If you look at what he has done in his career, he’s got the track record of performance and he’s actually worked in the various roles he now mentors.

I had also previously worked with Charlie, and one of the main things was that I trusted him and trusted in his judgement—knowing that he is reliable and that he is very honest.

One of the things that I’ve always enjoyed about Charlie is his passion to do things at a high standard, and his passion for treating the sales profession more seriously than what a lot of people do in Australia.

What did Charlie Pidcock deliver?

Charlie gave me guidance on recruitment, and we ended up employing three young graduates, one for lead generation and two for in field sales.

He then facilitated a number of workshops with our new recruits and our existing support staff about our collective purpose and each individual’s ‘why?’. Then Charlie started training our young graduates with one-on-one workshops and a lot of role-playing training and practical type sales training. Afterwards, he did in the field coaching where he went with the salespeople to watch them in their meetings, give them feedback and guidance.

We then focused on how each of our departments communicated, particularly our new Millennials with our existing, older support staff. That was a big challenge. Charlie helped ensure that both groups were understanding of each other and collaborated effectively. Another important outcome was that Charlie introduced structure around our sales meetings and taught both groups how to participate effectively.

What was the result?

There were three things that happened. The first thing for me was that we achieved the revenue. Our three new recruits were able to achieve $1.3 Million in new revenue from nothing. They had to do a lot of cold-calling—that was the powerful thing for us because it was all new business with customers that we had never traded with before. And they got this revenue a lot quicker than we thought they could.

The second, was that two of the young people we hired went on to get jobs at the international software companies, SAP and DocuSign. Charlie provided the level and quality of training for them to go into large international companies and be able to make an effective contribution, virtually, straight away.

And the third, was that we achieved my long-term goal to turn what was a contracting business into a leading manufacturing business. We went from originally selling 30,000m² of EPS per year to 150,000m², and at one stage we had the highest production in NSW. The feedback from the business owner was, ‘you’ve given me something that I’ve been trying for 35 years to achieve, thank you very much.’

So, we made a difference to the company and the shareholders, but, personally, perhaps more important was that we made a contribution to those young peoples’ lives.

What exceeded your expectations?

Charlie’s ability to connect with younger people. I was surprised by the depth of awareness that he went to in communicating with them. The way that he engages is very authentic.

How did you feel after working with Charlie Pidcock?

It was good for me personally in that it gave me an awareness to follow your intuition and to trust your own beliefs and commitment to try and do something different.

Your confidence lifts in that you achieve something. We took a big chance and with his assistance and support it worked. So, it was very satisfying.

Charlie Pidcock