Case Study: MD Brick
Mark Hampton, Sales Manager

Your main reason to recommend Charlie Pidcock?

He will identify things that you didn’t even know about yourself.

Charlie definitely knows what he is doing and he can show you certain strategies, certain ways of doing things that you never thought about or even considered.

My work challenges

I’d been reasonably successful as an external sales rep for going on nine years. I used to think that I was pretty good, I guess, which a lot of salespeople do but I knew that I could be a lot better.

At the time, the business was looking to promote me, and I needed to brush up on some of my sales and managerial skills. I knew that my planning probably wasn’t the greatest. I used to be a little bit off the cuff and running around and being reactive, putting out spot fires. So, I wanted to get someone to shed some light on what I was doing. I needed someone to give me a bit of a formula around structuring my approach to the work that I do.

Finding the right solution

I’d been researching some management courses to do, including one from AIM. I asked people in similar positions what courses they had done. Many had done diplomas or something through a TAFE-like program, and that was where I was headed. But I had done a Management Diploma years ago and just felt like I’d forgot most of what was said there to be honest. It was just rote learning, writing stuff down. It would go into my book and wouldn’t go into my head. So, I just couldn’t really retain most of it.

How did you hear about Charlie Pidcock?

Another businessperson in our network invited us to attend a one-day workshop Charlie was conducting on sales and sales recruitment. We attended and we definitely liked how it was delivered. He was easy to learn from, approachable and we liked how he did it.

Why did you choose Charlie Pidcock?

He sold me with the confidence he had—he definitely knew that he could help. I also had the benefit of doing that one-day course and I liked Charlie’s personal approach. You feel like you’ve got a one-on-one meeting with Charlie when he’s delivering his course, which was really good for me.

What did Charlie Pidcock deliver?

I attended the Sales Mastery course, a fairly intensive course over 3 months.

There were six, maybe seven people, quite a small group which made it very intimate. He made us feel safe, like we could learn, and created an environment which made it easy to get to know everyone and help each other.

What was the result?

My sales have definitely increased.

But now that I’ve been promoted to Sales Manager, I’m stepping back a little from face-to-face sales and more mentoring the sales team. I definitely think the training fast-tracked my promotion and made it go a lot quicker than it would have otherwise. I don’t think I would have been able to do what I’m doing now without the sales course, not in the way that I’m doing it, that’s for sure.

It’s definitely given me more awareness about what I’m doing and how I approach things. I used to go into meetings and ad-lib when I was there, do my spiel, listen to people and try to do my best. Now when I go into a sales meeting—or any sort of a meeting—there’s a real thoughtfulness about what I’m doing. I’m thinking about the things we learnt, about listening, all the different aspects, really. I’m talking less, listening more and have the awareness to stop myself when I’ve gone a little bit off track. I’m also more openminded than I used to be. I’m more willing to learn from other people and more open to trying to better myself.

The Sales Mastery course has definitely set me on the right course for structuring my day and for thinking about how I’m going to approach the week or the month, rather than reacting to everything that’s happening around me, taking calls and putting out spot fires. I think one of the biggest things that I didn’t incorporate into my day was planning. Whereas now I’m definitely being more proactive, prioritising tasks, doing the hard stuff first.

Overall, the key thing that I got from the course was something that I already did, to a certain extent, but now I’m a lot more aware of it. And it is to just help people. Even if you’re not going to get a sale, just help and it will come around again. They’ll tell somebody for example. It always works.

What exceeded your expectations?

I didn’t expect to incorporate the training on a day-to-day basis. Every working day I’m incorporating some aspect of the training—it’s definitely had a major impact on how I work.

What surprised you about working with Charlie Pidcock?

My retention of his training surprised me.

Generally, I’ve done a course before and I couldn’t tell you what I did in it. But I can almost tell you what went on in most of those days. Looking back on my notes I can think clearly about what was said and how it was delivered and why he was delivering it.

Why is Charlie’s teaching so effective?

I think it’s the personal approach, his ability to really connect with people. He makes you feel that what he’s doing is important and, therefore, you’re important.

He takes it seriously and he’s very considered in what he does. You can see that he is thinking the whole time, he’ll sort of take a pause and he’ll consider the approach that he’s taking, and you know that there is a reason behind it, so you listen.

How did you feel after working with Charlie Pidcock?

I look back on how I used to work before I did the course and I realise what I might have achieved if I’d had this type of training before. It’s definitely had a huge impact on the way that I work and the way that I approach it. So it was really good.

If you’re sitting on the fence …

You should give it a go, you’ll be surprised in ways you weren’t even thinking of. I am confident in saying that you will improve your sales and even more importantly, be a better human.

Charlie Pidcock