Case Study: Backyard Grannies
Alex Mitchell, Managing Director

Your main reason to recommend Charlie Pidcock?

He’s very adaptable and you’re going to end up getting more out of him from a value proposition than from what you actually think—we certainly did.

Our business challenges

We’re very fortunate that we’ve had a very consistent flow of leads and sales within the business. But were we getting the maximum value out of the sales team that we could?

We had a big challenge in the business in relation to the sales team with many not being managed tightly for a long time. They were making a lot of their own decisions and over time had developed their own ways of doing things that started causing a lot of chaos.

So we got to the point where we were looking at our options of bringing a sales manager into the business in a fulltime capacity, but we knew we had some gaps in our own knowledge about recruiting someone with that background. Previously we had used external recruiters for our business and had mixed success. So, we knew we needed help with getting this next appointment right. And in the interim, helping our sales team develop with more support and structure.

Why did you choose Charlie Pidcock?

Firstly, he listened to what we said and really ‘heard’ what we were asking. I felt with the other people versus Charlie that they were more pushing a process or methodology of how they go about things as opposed to just something that was custom to our situation.

The other point is that we looked at the value proposition and said, ‘does that look like value for money?’ and it did.

Also, Charlie’s process around how he recruited we thought was really strong. That was really important to us as that was one of the key engagement points.

The other thing that resonated was his presentation around the key points of how to sell to people and what’s important to a customer—it just made sense. That simplicity is something that we liked. You don’t want too much mumble-jumble, you just want to cut through and be able to make things simple for everyone.

What did Charlie Pidcock deliver?

Charlie spent five months coaching and improving the skills of our sales team, while also mentoring our management team as he led our recruitment and induction activities.

What was the result?

We’ve got our sales manager that we’re really happy with which is a massive win. We’ve also employed two new salespeople and five others across different parts of the business. One of the wonderful things about this is we’ve had a win getting these great people in—but we’ve also gotten a double win now that the business has the benefit of its own recruitment process and we no longer need to use external recruiting firms.

With the sales team, the key thing was he helped change a culture. Our people needed someone to hear them and to smooth off some rough edges—little improvements here and there that made them better at what they did. There’s lots and lots of little things that in the bigger scheme of things will make a big difference.

And certainly, achieving a big goal of mine was setting these guys up and getting them in a better place for the incoming sales manager to take over.

What exceeded your expectations?

Definitely what we have achieved with the recruitment. The big thing being he taught people things. That’s a really big thing to me, building the capability of my team, that was huge.

The other big ‘wow factor’ thing was just the way he conducted himself within the interviews and the types of questions that he asked and the way that he got down to the nitty-gritty was really, really impressive. He connects exceptionally well with a wide variety of people.

What surprised you about working with Charlie Pidcock?

It’s one thing for someone to say that they are going to deliver something, it’s another thing to get a delivery that ends up being better than expected.

How did you feel after working with Charlie Pidcock?

For me and my team, it was just really enjoyable. He’s a really good guy to have and be around, with an ability to inspire all sorts of people. He left a good impression on my business both internally and externally wherever he went.

Charlie Pidcock