The Client is King, from Dubbo to London with Byron Cooper-Fogarty

The 1987 stock market crash triggered Byron’s interest in finance, he undertook a degree in accounting and moved into corporate insolvency in a large firm but found it wasn’t for him.

A chance discussion led to a role in sales on the trading floor and he hasn’t looked back.

Byron talks us through the first sale he ever made, it wasn’t a big one but as he says he was off the mark and well on his way – it was never about the money.

Byron’s directness, authenticity, and ability to build relationships has taken him through National Sales Management and now to a CEO role in the fintech game.

Byron shares his likes and dislikes about sales across a couple of continents whether selling financial products to clients, ideas to stakeholders or capital raises to shareholders.

He shares his thoughts, or at least tries to on what digitalisation and the pandemic mean for the future of sales.

There are some wonderful stories and amazing insights from Byron who has travelled the world with his tool kit, personality and desire to make a difference.

Charlie Pidcock