B2B Selling Series

Learn the most important, practical lessons that have an immediate impact on your sales and profits

Being truly successful and accomplished in sales is both a science and an art. And with so much information out there about what you should be doing, sometimes it’s hard to see the forest from the trees.

The B2B Selling Series simplifies the sales landscape for you.

This short, yet powerful, online course covers the ‘science’ of sales best practice – the four stages of identifying, qualifying, satisfying and solidifying your customers.

But science without art is often the reason why salespeople underachieve. Weaving the crucial ‘art’ practice into your sales process is often the difference between ‘middle of the road’ performance and smashing your sales targets.

So what is this ‘art’ of sales?

Some people refer to it as the ‘soft’ skills of selling. But getting these behaviours and outlooks right produces anything but a ‘soft’ impact on your sales. Rather, it produces incredible power – not only on your sales numbers, but for your customers, and for your own sense of self. And it all starts with setting the right mindset.

Be proud of who you are and love what you do, when sales becomes service.


Who’s it for?

The program is designed for businesses that build long-term relationships with their customers and sell solutions, not just products.

This includes:

  • Sales leaders & their teams
  • Consultants & business owners
  • Sales coordinators and graduates
  • Any business wanting to increase revenue and profit

The program is limited to just 8 places and is delivered live – not pre-recorded – to ensure your learning objectives are met.

How is it delivered?

The program consists of 5 x 1-hour online coaching sessions in one week, Monday to Friday.

The sessions are all Live and facilitated by Charlie.

Places are strictly limited to eight people so that I can dive deep into your personal sales journey and tailor each session to your individual needs.

People buy off people they like, know and trust.


What you will learn

The course will teach you all the fundamental skills to turn your personal behaviours and sales strategies into long-term sales growth. That is, the science and art of sales.

I will also teach you how to develop your personal brand online to increase business development opportunities.


Introduction – B2B Sales in a Virtual World
Stage 1: Identify – Who are they? & Where are they?
Stage 2: Qualify – What do they need & What have we got?
Stage 3: Satisfy – Nurturing Prospects into Customers
Stage 4: Solidify – Improving the Breadth & Depth of our Relationships


5 x 1-hour online coaching sessions
Workbooks and a variety of learning tools
A supportive small group learning environment
Self-paced additional content tailored to your needs


$650+ GST (General Ticket)

Secure your place now—only 8 spots available

Have just attended Charlie's B2B Selling program and it was brilliant. Charlie weaves clever tools and memorable stories into a masterful sales training program - that inspires practical action. As a business owner, it's given me confidence for business development in the future.

— Kirryn Z | Author, Mentor, Speaker

Training improves employee productivity by 81% and operating income by 52%.

— Development Dimensions International (DDI)

What a great week and thanks for giving me some great new techniques to improve myself and my business. I will definitely put those sales stats on the wall for daily motivation!

— Andrew T, Business Curator

The workshop was conducted in a friendly and inclusive environment making all the attendees feel at ease with a focus on participation. His real life experiences translate into a teaching that is engaging and fun.

— John B, Sales Manager

The clarity of focus and interactive approach that Charlie takes saw me sorting through and clearing out much of the random ideas, tips, tricks and hacks around sales that I had gathered. By the end of the week I was back to being focused on the critical foundations that are the difference that really make a difference in sales.

— Nikk H, Mentor & Speaker

Charlie’s drive and passion made this course. I’m now beginning to implement some techniques I learnt not only in my business life but also in my personal life.

— Sharen C, Business Development Manager

Charlie Pidcock