The B2B sales course for businesses with a solution-selling, relationship-based approach

  • Important, practical lessons which have an immediate impact on your sales and profits
  • Short, powerful, value-packed sessions delivered live online
  • Maximum 8 participants to ensure personal attention

Selling is both a science and an art.

There’s plenty of information and advice available, but the challenge is working out what to apply when. What will really make the most difference?

The B2B Selling Made Simple online course simplifies the sales landscape for you.

It covers the ‘science’ of sales best practice – the four stages of identifying, qualifying, satisfying and solidifying your customers.

It also covers the ‘art’ of sales. The crucial ‘soft skills’ which take your results from mediocre to magnificent. We start by setting the right mindset, which drives outlook and behaviours. Getting these basics right will have an incredible impact on your numbers, your customers and even your own sense of self.

The small group format allows personal attention, but it also means spaces are limited.

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Is this the right course for you?

This B2B sales course is ideal for businesses that build long-term relationships with customers, and which sell solutions, not just products.

Whether you are

  • A sales professional
  • A sales manager
  • A graduate just starting out
  • A consultant or business owner

This course will show you how to increase revenue and profit.

Each course is limited to just 8 places and is delivered live – not pre-recorded – to ensure you meet your learning objectives.

How is the course delivered?

The course consists of 5 x 90-minute online workshop sessions, delivered Monday to Friday over the workshop of one week.

I facilitate all sessions myself, live so that I can deep-dive into your personal sales journey and tailor the session to your needs.

What’s included

  • 5 x 90-minute online workshop sessions
  • Workbooks and other learning tools
  • Supportive small group learning environment
  • Self-paced additional content tailored to your needs


$900 plus GST

What will you learn?

The course will teach the science and art of sales. It covers fundamental skills as well as personal behaviours and sales strategies for long-term revenue growth.

I also cover ways to develop your personal brand and profile online so that you can open up new business development opportunities.

While lessons are tailored for your individual needs, each course covers these fundamental sales topics

Day 1: Introduction – B2B mindset and framework

Day 2: Identify – Who are they? & Where are they?

Day 3: Qualify – What do they need? What have we got?

Day 4: Satisfy – Nurturing Prospects into Customers

Day 5: Solidify – Improving the Breadth & Depth of our Relationships

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