Taking the guesswork out of hiring decisions

Many years ago my wife and I were looking to buy our first house, we took some advice and identified a list of key attributes – location, number of bedrooms, potential, yard size, outlook etc. Invariably we had a budget and had to compromise getting to about 6 – 7 things out of 10 we were after before the price jumped up.

I find hiring staff very similar – The War for Talent – has been going on for 20+ years depending on who you listen to, which has necessitated a different approach that means we have to find reasons how & why we can help employees succeed in a role NOT why we shouldn’t hire them – another test for good management & leadership.

Recruitment can be a lottery, a consistent and comprehensive process is important to ensure good decisions and outcomes; if you would like one of the better tools I developed over the years as part of my process click here.

Like real estate, in recruiting we don’t often get everything we want or need, and if we get to 6 – 7 things out of 10 we have to keep exploring why & how we should bring a person in & support them to succeed.

Speaking with a client the other day he added that the key is to get as many as 6s and 7s on your payroll as you can then for leaders to ensure they develop them into 8s and 9s as team – love it, Boom!!!

Charlie Pidcock