I love developing a genuine connection & helping you succeed

Charlie Pidcock

I’m a sales coach who simplifies the selling process and transforms salespeople into confident, skilled sales performers through personally focused mentoring.

My Mission is to empower people and businesses, helping them to thrive.

The Power of One to One

I believe in the immense power of genuine connections when we meet each other authentically, one to one.

When our business relationships are authentic and built upon service, we cultivate sales that are long-term and truly sustainable.

As we serve each other better, we help to stimulate our economy and progress our society.

How I mentor

Some coaches spread themselves wide and only go surface deep, regurgitating their content day-in, day-out regardless of your personal situation.

I do the opposite. I cap my class numbers so I can go deep and really get a sense of the best way to fast-track your development.

Your success is a personal concern to me and I’m a loyal supporter of you long after you have graduated from one of my classes.

I’m down-to-earth, honest and will call a spade a spade. There’s no here BS here, just me giving all you all that I know – raw and real.

It was really good in that every day something resonates from the course and I feel am thinking of better ways to approach new and existing clients.

—  Neil D, Director

Charlie has a practical, no-nonsense approach, is good fun and focussed on achieving the best result.

—  Rod S, Head of Sales & Marketing

Charlie is the consummate developer of sales people. He will help turn a struggling sales person around and get more out of your performers.

—  Paul A, CEO

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Charlie Pidcock