About Charlie

My Vision is to live in a world where people love what they do and are proud of who they are.

My Mission is to inspire people to love what they do so they can achieve more.

Early in my career, having left university and thinking I knew it all, I landed my first job in sales. My hubris was soon replaced by humility when I recognised that I knew very little about the real world.

Luckily, I had strong sales mentors from very early on who helped fast track my development. Now, 30-odd years later, I’ve been a seasoned sales leader in the building and materials industry where I’m known for consistently delivering results.

In addition to my success at selling, I have also managed and developed high performing sales teams within organisations of all sizes.

My passion for developing salespeople and empowering them through my unique sales philosophy is what drives me today.

My philosophy is based on some fundamental values:

  • Cultivating a mindset of genuine service
  • Creating meaningful connections
  • Keeping things real and raw; &
  • Choosing simplicity over complexity

Why are these values so important?

Because in my experience when they are missing, your sales will suffer. Perhaps, not in the short term. But if your marketing strategy is to build sustained growth, there is simply no other choice.

I have made many mistakes in my career, my hope is that I can guide you from what I have learned so you don’t have to.

Working with me ensures you have the tools, techniques and mindset to succeed in your sales career.

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Charlie Pidcock