A Letter from My Grandfather: Charles Bernard Pidcock

I have often thought about where I’ve come from, why I am like I am and why I am now doing what I am doing, how much of it is nature and how much is nurture?

I have written before about my maternal Grandfather here, who no doubt had a significant influence on my life, I was never fortunate enough to meet my paternal Grandfather, the person I am named after Charles Bernard Pidcock. He was my father’s father, at the age of 53 (over 50 years ago) he woke up with a headache and was dead by smoko from an aneurism – tragic in so many ways.

Stories from family and friends of his character are famous – his leadership, entrepreneurialism, sense of humour and drive are all legendary on the North Coast of NSW in the timber industry.

This letter he wrote a few years before his death to the local council is in response to their request for a donation to a public road– it’s worth a read if you have the time.

I can definitely see where I got some of my attributes though he was far more ahead of his time than I, lots of this is still a challenge for society these days.


Charlie Pidcock