Peter McGrath – A Career in International Sales: Chance or Choice | Season 1 Episode 08

​Learning the ropes in a 12-18 month sales cadetship.

Finding your passion & dealing with pressure.

Old school lessons from the factory floor.

  • Learning to accept failure in using it as experience.
  • Trust/ask for advice, confidence.
  • Who is helping v hindering your career?

Stories of Schnapps from Sweden, developing my skills overseas:

  • Dealing with cultural differences.
  • Learning supplier products, building lifelong relationships.

Winning Big…

  • Following process & being patient.
  • Navigating stakeholders & managing relationships.
  • The real art of business development – two big problems, one meaningful solution.
  • Dealing with internal, savouring the moment of victory.

The difficult lessons from the mistakes we make – managing risk.

Getting through sales funks – Perseverance, Propping, Perspective.

Secrets to my success – Trust, Research, Patience.

Non Negotiables – the guiding principles of my personal & professional life.

Charlie Pidcock