8x Daily Habits to Help Effectiveness

Working for yourself by yourself after nearly 30 years in organisations working for people with teams creates a variety of challenges and opportunities – some predictable others not.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve experienced has been finding and keeping operating rhythm or flow, I have tried a number of techniques and came across “Eight Before Eight” from Ben Hardy which has improved my effectiveness exponentially.

Eight before Eight:

  1. Get +7hrs Sleep – Recently I went to a Productivity seminar, the number one thing anyone can do to improve how effective they are is get a good night’s sleep.
  2. Prayer and/or Meditation – Whichever you prefer. It has helped ground me, there are plenty of apps out there – free or paid & are worth every cent.
  3. Journal For between 5–15mins, the most productive days I have had is when I have done this morning & night, read more about the benefits here.
  4. Hard Physical activity – Spin class, skip or power walk all wake up your body, get it ready for the day ahead by getting your blood to flow & heart pumping.
  5. Courage – One of the more difficult on my list, many say that courage is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets.
  6. Be creative – Paint, write, draw or build, see on TED Talk.
  7. Read or Listen to something uplifting – Spotify, TED talk, articles and other pieces – the list is endless – Neil Diamond and Cold Chisel are my favourites.
  8. Invest in your key relationships – Social or commercial, meaningful relationships are well recognised and a significant contributor towards happiness.

I’ve built a very simple template that helps me keep track of how I am travelling, a bit of measurement / self-accountability which all seems to be helping me. Click here if you would like a copy.

Charlie Pidcock