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Enjoy more sales. Enjoy sales more

Sell by building relationships, not by following scripts.

Hi, I’m Charlie Pidcock. I’ve worked in sales and sales management for over 30 years – and I still love it. My goal is to help you love and succeed at sales too.

Too much sales training is about scripts and processes. This can tend to make us robotic and inauthentic. We don’t enjoy it and neither do our clients and prospects.

There’s a better way to do sales. It’s about listening, understanding and giving people what they need. Building relationships. You’ll get higher margins and more loyal customers, because you add value through understanding and proactive support rather than simply competing on price.

As a sales coach, mentor and consultant, I help you and your team not just with sales techniques, but with the framework and mindset you need to find, develop and convert more business for the long term.

Sales Stories Raw & Real Podcast

In B2B where organisations are differentiating through relationships & solution selling business development is done by people, not AI or robots. It never has and never will – it’s to do with Human Connection and is why we are all here. From building rapport at an individual level, to quality conversations with the right person, then working together to solve problems all lead to mutual benefit through sales. Most importantly profitable sales allows governments to invest in the infrastructure that creates better societies, we all want and need that.

Who I work with

You might be a sales professional, managing a sales team or running a business. Whatever your position or job title, if you have responsibility for bringing in revenue, you’re in sales. I’d love to help you enjoy more sales and enjoy sales more. Ideally, you:

  • Are selling in a B2B environment
  • Seek growth through stronger and more enduring client relationships
  • Believe in investing in staff development
  • Believe in making lasting changes rather than quick fixes

Want to know more about working with me?

How I work with you

B2B selling made simple course

  • Delivered live online course
  • Limited seats to ensure personal attention
  • 90 minutes a day for 5 days
  • For sales professionals, sales leaders and SME business owners

Sales Mastermind Groups

  • Monthly small group mentoring
  • Online or in-person as required
  • Hands-on and personalised
  • Separate groups for sales professionals and managers

Sales Improvement Consulting

Tailored to your needs

Frameworks to recruit, induct, train and manage for sales results

usually 6 – 24 months depending on your situation

Where are you on the Sales Mastery Wheel?

Sales is a science, but also an art. It’s a
combination of practical techniques, mindset,
soft skills and approach. I’ve mapped this onto
the Sales Mastery Wheel.

Developing your capability starts with
understanding where you are now. This becomes the
basis for your personal sales development plan.

Book a personal Sales Mastery Wheel
Assessment with me. It takes just 15 minutes
and gives you guidance to get started on your
own sales improvement journey.

We’ll also get a chance to meet and decide if
we’d like to work together.

Book your FREE Sales Mastery Assessment
session now


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